Your Breathing – A Poem Written by Kalipada Ghosh

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Your Breathing

Written by Kalipada Ghosh


Your breathing is whispering into my ears
So pulsating, so sonorous
I pay heed time and again.
A sweet , delicate and winsome
Wishing to unite with thee
A passionate exuberance
A divine light, aura and lustre.

So fragrant and delicate.
A spring tide flowing and glowing
Enlivening and enlightening
Flourishing and augmenting blossoms.
Your breathing and heart throbbing , a sonorous intonation
A soulful and crazy cry
But not whining
Doesn’t hurt and prick
Soothing and consoling.
Wishing to bury your breath
Into mine
An effusion and overflowing of love to enlighten the tortured souls of humanity.


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