Yogini – Singing in tune with natural phenomenon – By Khesise Lungma



Yogini – Singing in tune with natural phenomenon.

Written By Khesise Lungma

She sings with lyrics of sainted sacrifice
With her chance , she displays in her red attires
She painted the nature phenomena of life
A cyclic chains of births and deaths are not always complain.

She bestows clarity of omnipresent like lotus
That is so vast and majority always a falsehood
The world we are born, are the world we can see through mindful spectacles
She sings in her nightingale voices of pleased mantras.

She Contemplate and conveys in book of volumes
In the eyes of happiness, world is full of beatitude blissfulness
whole life of person is filled with opulence of throns, into the eyes cactus.
She chants, with beating rhythm, world is how we perceive and interpret.

To be profluent yogi, is not my job of recording files
Its your flexibility to set up a steps made up of tiles
Silence is not always way of complaining universe
You are unique universe, she sings praising blooming lotus.

She sings with lyrical notes of mind phenomenon
I sincerely sings with her voices of meaning conveyor
Afterall, law of cause of karmic influence is fruits
Fruits of positivity, the way you light the candles with benefiting others wishes.

To know, how to tune with universe is
No more than, tuning your own mixed thoughts
Carving is naturally characters of all beings
Be brilliant, flow with integrity of kindness attitudes.

© Khesise Lungma 

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Written by Lungma123

Khesise lungma is from Gelephu Bhutan. He has graduated from anna university from india ..He started his journey of writing since 2012, as he realised later in life , writing would give him enough satisfaction to penned down his feelings of life. He writes most of poetry regarding nature, religious beliefs, philosophies, scientific and day to day practical related things. He is interested in writing both writing romantic and sadistic poems where his emotions plays a greater understanding. Most of his poems are published in Bhutan first ever Anthology Poem, Fears of tears in international best seller Anthology Poem published by Brenda Mohammed, A winter - A call for home in Ideology magazine published by Editor Mr.BINAY Lahal from India , Still Two more poems in the process of Publication in International Anthology.
His is Working to publish his Novel titled "Mystery " This year.

He is Silver categorised member of Motivational strip, and Moderators of MS, World active writer forum. He also got rewards of appreciation from Indo Universe - Child care. Etc

He is constant and active writer despite his professional and personal life. He enjoys writing and shows other to lead.


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