YERGESHBAI – Tungyshbai Turegeldiev; translated by Kairat Duissenov Parman

The old warrior who was in a place of honour moved so where sit the ceremony leader and lifted his white eyebrow, and showing the sticking index finger and said: “Yes, I killed, but only one soldier!” In response to the veteran, the entire hall laughed. He continued to answer further: “But who thought count that how many of these villains we killed. But I definitely remember one soldier’. He added these words to the first answer. The whole audience in the Holl clapped for a long time with applause”. I like to mention these lines very catching my mind.

It is of Editor few words for short story ‘Yergeshbai’

(Editor short story ‘Yergeshbai’ Dr. Ezhil Vendhan is a celebrated poet from India and he writes in English and Hindi besides, in his mother tongue Tamil. He is author of two published poetry collections and many of his poems find place in many International Poetry Anthologies. The poem entitled ‘Banyan Tree’ is an acclaimed masterpiece of Dr.Ezhil Vendhan’s writings. He is a member and Vice-President World Nations Writers’ Union)




  • Tungyshbai Turegeldiev
  • Translated by Kairat Duissenov Parman
  • Edited by Dr. Ezhil Vendhan


In club Auyl* (village) going dedicated ceremony for winners of 75th years Great Victory Country War, people doing meeting old soldier which the live 95 years. In the club is full of people. There were as very many schoolchildren among people. A veteran of the war, despite he is life at for almost an as hundred years, he peppy, agile. If you do not pay attention that he threw his weight, he is not yet stooping, keeps himself straight. Of course, his walking and movement became slower, but he thinks and speaks clearly as before. Despite many years passed, his long-standing military strict discipline remained in his action. He speaks short and answers clearly. After a while, right from the middle of the sedentary, one swarthy girl raised her hand, and when she was allowed to ask questions, she is a stand and asked:

“The dear veteran grandfather, please tell me, in war do you killed German soldier?”

The question was unexpected. The teacher to shake her head that schoolgirl didn’t do the right thing and gave a hint “it’s impossible to ask such stupid questions,” the teacher was on the right side there where the stands crowd of teachers stood. The spoken words -as flying bullet now, it not back coming. The old warrior who was in a place of honour moved so where sit the ceremony leader and lifted his white eyebrow, and showing the sticking index finger and said:

“Yes, I killed, but only one soldier!”

In response to the veteran, the entire hall laughed. He continued to answer further:

“But who thought count that how many of these villains we killed. But I definitely remember one soldier”.

He added these words to the first answer. The whole audience in the Holl clapped for a long time with applause. Among them were many who cheered while peering around the people. Around they have people were who knew why they were so pleased. They pretending to keep up with others. At the end of the tumult, the old man said:

“And he was my brother”.

The turmoil subsided instantly. People did not believe their ears, became quiet. Some even asked each other doubting that they not disobeyed. People are fellow villagers who had met with him before that many-many times, was surprised by and not believes their ears his that words at the moment. Gossip increased. And not a few people the will believed that the old warrior became crazy. The veteran stood up as if he felt them.

“My all dears,” says the old veteran. “This is my one very-very secret story, I which did not tell anyone, biting own tongue more than 75 years. I wanted to tell about it many times, and I very wanted to pour out my inner grief, I wanted to reveal this secret, which I kept for so long inside myself so that after that it would become easier for me to live. But I could not tell about it. And I cried and sobbed in unity when I was a left alone in the field in a deserted place…

Now I’m a very old man, I probably have less life left than even the old ram. And only one God knows about it. Therefore, I do not want to take this secret with me to another world. And I think this will not be fair. You have probably seen many times in the movies and read in books about what such a war is and what its dire consequences, distress and hardships are for all humanity. In my opinion, this disaster has suspended the development of society, the development of our world for at least a hundred years.

A million peoples died and disappear on infertility, disappear genealogies. Millions have lost the right to be born and be live. A million family of people were forced to dress in mourning. A people disappeared and died his own fathers, brothers, sons. The war that millions of people cursed is still not I am forgotten by me the last long 75 years. The war that millions of people cursed in the bad words are is still not forgotten by me, the last long whole 75 years, even if I’m 95 years old. And at the to be the time I still have, not forgotten the last words “Mather … Mem-mm” and his views to me, which looked to me without understanding what happened. If we count the years since it became hard for me and how I do not find a place for myself, it turns out that more than 75 years have passed since the inconvenience of secrecy.

The old man could no longer speak. He cried silently and pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped away the tears. His shoulders were shaking and veteran war sobbing badly. People were silent. Even silent, as like, as they will hear the sound of a flying fly. One young teacher ran for water. All the people looked down at the ground as if they were guilty before a veteran. Even some left the Holl for not knowing what would happen next.

“What kind of German soldier he is talking about?”, “What kind of friend?” “What kind he of a brother?”

In the hall sat waiting and interested in answers to these questions. The veteran drank a little water, strengthened. After that, he decided to tell a secret and share it with his fellow villagers who for so long kept torturing his soul as if worms bite the brain for 75 years. The old woman says.

The incident that took place before the eyes of people as it was today, was about ninety years ago, and it turned out to be like a petrified black dried chock coming out of the very under the depths of history. It was hard now for everyone at that time. The famines appetite has for hunger was terrible, which was organized from the hands of the Bolsheviks and gradually began to swallow Kazakhstanis and Ukrainians. In those days, people who suffered from hunger began to leave in the biggest city Tashkent. In the City, Tashkent lives brothers Uzbeks and was considered a bread city. From that region, where is live closer to them, near the border there are people who are tied to the chest of the Earth – Mothers plough the earth to an equestrian plough and worked hard to sweat their face and did not spare all their efforts and remained alive as the only leaf that barely holds on branches tree.

Then he was still a very young boy who played. He then even heard of people who had barely survived while sucking the root of a tree, or they caught a turtle to feed himself and stay alive. They even said some secretly from the people cut the donkey so that feeds himself and his family. And how can they do otherwise if they die of hunger? They did it for their own skin when they had no choice! Whatever difficult times, from these God’s trials of days some pieces remained in his so torn to shreds memory. Of such nondescript days, he clearly remembered that his father brought home a blue-eyed, thin-skinned and tall German boy as an example of his own age. His father found him when he walked near the railway junction which is nearby.

Apparently, he was mistaken among the more of peoples who were travelling from the West to Tashkent. He absolutely did not know the Kazakh language. But he speaks some other languages. Father explained to him that he knows how to speak German and Russian. His name is Henry. The current veteran who was a boy began to call him Enrich, as he was unable to speak properly. And he is so used to calling him. That Enrich from time to time, after about half a year, began to speak the Kazakh language as a nightingale. So that his name would be like his son Yerezhepbai one day his father brought a mullah and asked him to exalt the azan and give him a new name. Mullah whispered in his ear three times that his name from now on was Yergeshbai. Since the current old man had neither brother nor sister, they grew up so amicably under one blanket. They went together to elementary school and studied which was built in the middle of several auls*.

After that, people’s condition improved and they began to live better. Sheds were built, people began to keep livestock. They planted fruit-bearing trees and grew a garden. People began to graze cow in the pastures as they multiplied. The famine has passed, people began to work to live on. They began to proudly carry their heads. Their childhood also passed like other fellow villagers in the village. They sought to help their parents. Apparently, since the mother did not give birth to a child after Yerezhepbai, she really loved his brother Yergeshbai. She gave him all the motherly warmth, affection and love. She did not regret it is possible to say even her soul so that the children are well-fed and problem-free. She put all her strength so that they did not feel orphaned and did not lag behind others. Probably for this Yergeshbai began to love her as her own mother and called her “APA” that is, her mother. From the East side of the auyl*, two irrigation canals flow towards the West.

Then begins the mountain range. I don’t know why there are two big ravines and their people are called Asanbai and Usenbai. Smaller cattle that walk out of every family in the mornings walk there. And in the evenings, children will meet them. It is it was the duty of all children to drive cattle home. The kids immediately after dinner climbed to the top of Tasbulak and they play did not return until the appearance of cattle. In the heat of summer for them who walked half-naked what could be better than the water canal. They continued to bathe and did not go ashore until their lips turned green, their bodies did not tremble from the cold, and they did not despise tooth after tooth. And they were lying on their stomach in the hot sun until they turned red body skin from a burn of the beam. It was so interesting to chase after the golden bug that appears only in such a flying heat! They are called the Golden Beetle for a reason. They enchanted us with their gilding wings. And the catches him were interesting to us all. When they fly around your head, buzzing up and down, you want to chase after them and are forced to run for all your strength. What else is interesting, you will not calm down after you catch them. You tear out the hind legs from the lower joint, and you stick a dry wormwood branch on the rest of the body, which is slightly smaller than the match and stab it into the mutton of spools, and make a hole in the spool and from there pass through another branch which is slightly larger. And when you lift it up, a golden beetle raising both wings flies around lamb spools. And it was so interesting for them, they raised the buzzing bug above and played with it. Yergeshbai is always there. He walks with him all the time.

Without him, he does not walk anywhere. The current veteran has grown stubborn. He did not allow anyone to ignore himself. Therefore, no one touched him without serious reasons. And if someone found fault with him, then he has received a strong blow from him suffered. For the first time, some fighters torn to Yergeshbai, called names on purpose him a ‘blue-eyed’ and tried not to give him peace, and He gave hit when they got a bruise in their eyes, and he a kick the between his foot, then immediately ran away and forgot the way to Yergeshbai. When he left the house, Zholdybai was finding fault with his neighbour Yergeshbai, they were almost the same age, but his body was larger than Yergeshbai. And Yergeshbai is silent. Yerezhepbai came closer to him and heard how Zholdasbai treated him scornfully. He did not understand who was to blame. He punched right under Zholdybai’s ear. And He thought that he would find the culprit after the fight. And Zholdasbai also began to beat him in response. Yerezhepbai thought he was within the bounds of a losing fight. After all, childishness is the same. Yerezhepbai took a fist of stone from the ground and threw it toward Zholdasbai. God is wise. He managed to stoop. And stone got into the window that was behind Zholdasbai and smashed the weight of the glass from the window. From that house, as well as from the house of Yerezhepbai mothers ran out. Seeing how the children are fighting all in blood, they rushed to them. They could barely separate their children with red eyes and fighting like a mad dog. After that, the window of their house stood covered with lambskin until the deepest autumn.

After all, then that the time is it not easy to find glass for a window? Yerezhepbai was so stubborn, stubborn that he made others afraid of him. Yergeshbai grew up under his protection. Yergeshbai was, simple and limp character. Perhaps for this, his parents raised him no worse than their own son. They supported the orphan with all his might. He was given not regretting his parental love. They fed as tasty as possible, dressed and put on shoes as best as possible. The first rag bag was sewn for him. The inkwell and pencil were also carefully placed in his bag. Basically, he rode on a donkey. And so the year 1939 came, and he was fourteen years old. Yergeshbai turns out to be his own father who was looking for many years and could hardly find him. Once he appeared suddenly. Since Yergeshbai came to the Kazakh land since he remembers himself, he has not forgotten his own father. But now, if you look at him from the side, you will not find anything similar to another nation from him. Besides his blue eyes that shine like a blue sky. And he spoke in the Kazakh language as his own native without error and without emphasis, even he thought like a real Kazakh.

It was as if he was born here (the earth on which blood was dripping from a cut umbilical cord), and put on and vilified the first shirt of the baby here. And his body was suntanned by the beam like a real Kazakh. Once, when they dined all together, calmly, as usual, three stranger men suddenly came to their home. One of them was tall and thin. He immediately recognized Yergeshbai as he saw him, and burst into tears trying to hug him. And Yergeshbai safely went to his bosom and began to say something in German. And tears flowed. Adults were surprised at his act. And admiringly said that our ancestors did not say in vain, “How many do not feed, the wolf looks all the same towards the forest.” Some even liked his actions.

Thank God, being among us for 7 whole years, he did not forget his native hearth, so where he was born and saw warmth, comfort, affection for the earliest years. And those who did not like him began to say that, not the real parents who gave birth to him, but the one who grew up and did his best to educate him. When he was left alone on the street as a spokesman, after all, they picked him up and made him a man. Oh, oh, because they looked after this orphan better than their son. And on this witness the weight of the people who are here. Everyone remembers. They were offended.

The most interesting moment began when his father began to measure and put on clothes and shoes for his son. Father apparently roughly estimated the size of the clothes. Some fit exactly, and some became smaller, even fit. Yergeshbai is silent. Even when his father looked at him with dislike and took off his old and worn clothes, he did not say a word from his mouth. He looked at them sullenly and continued to stand silently. The collective farm chairman, who came with him, flew on his wings, licking forward and backwards, like a ram infected with worms scurrying around in front of a man who was wearing a military uniform. After some time, he took off all the clothes, that brought his father and began to say something, looking directly into his father’s eyes. He began to assert his son, bombarding under his nose, “yes, yes.” For people, in sitting at home, watching his every act, expecting what he would do next, he said: “I’m going to the toilet” in Kazakh and ran out into the yard. And they, how the summer has come, went to send natural necessities for a house on the field – where corn was planted which grew about the height of a man. This was probably due to the fact that people had the notion that all the natural needs of fertilizer if you water the garden with fertilizer then it will give a lot of production. Yergeshbai, by his usual habit, ran deep into the cornfield. And he did not go out for a long time, did not return.

Therefore, the father, who stood with no patience, asked Yerezhepbai that he would go after him and bring him home. Yerezhepbai went out of the house and went right in front of the cornfield and began to be called up slowly, and later he shouted harder at calling Yergeshbai. And he was no longer there. After that, the crowd began to search for him. The one-man noticed him, they said that he ran away behind the hills. As was known, after all, he turns out to be hiding in the ravine Asansai and Usensai. Сhairman of collective farm and military man began to be rude to people, began to frighten them, showing rifles to find him. After all, people need not problems then, they started looking he, for someone on foot on the move, and someone on the donkey. As a result, Yergeshbai was found and brought to his father. After all, he became like an as a native brother for Yerezhepbai, and to his parents as a son.

After they took him away, they completely lost the meaning of life. However, they did not forget about him for a long time. They were able as if without him, the house was empty, dreary. Mother was especially hard. Yerezhepbai many times noticed how she cried remembering and calling to himself his name “Yergeshbai! Erketaiym!” When Yergeshbai was at home, they had fun, they thought the world was more beautiful as if they had enough to all they. They were already able to graze cattle, plant a garden. If the father asks for something, they both did together and quickly. Unfortunately, these days have passed and remained in the past. After this incident, the damned war began.

From 18 to 50 years old men started to set off to the front. The time of disaster increased. It’s time to find out who is who. For the sake of victory, people did not even spare their souls. And Yerezhepbai always remembered his brother Yergeshbai. And he thought all the time, “What will he do, will he raise a gun against us?”, “If we suddenly meet together at the front, what will we do?” These questions tormented him and even became terrified of him. He even started to shake. Because it was scary to even think about it. First father, after some time he went to war. The only mother remained to wish that they return alive defeating the enemy. What he clearly noted in the war, it turns out that you absolutely cannot feel sorry for the enemy. And you can’t act slowly. When your life weighs on the scales and your motherland, and fate is decided, you cannot find a place for yourself. You will have a concept and will remain in your head the mind that you are as if in a state of a wolf paired under a trap, and are hungry for life, and whoever is stronger only will remain alive. Changing life and death and iron military discipline at such a time makes even the timidest person and the cowardly, started brave and turns into an inverted spring.

Wars as a sharpened on of stone with a sharp sword, shining into the light, when the Germans soldier met against them, they fought bravely, killed and until the very last breath before death. 1944 on the front, the state of war changed sharply in the opposite direction. The Germans who invaded all the way to Moscow were now forced to retreat towards back their homeland. Soviet troops became famous and German soldiers were forced to leave many towns and cities. Behind them remained were bare earth and people who wept from severe wounds and tore red blood. Regiment on one of these days – where Yerezhepbai was, fighting the Germans, they were given a crushing rebuff and they were driving them to where it ends in the swamps. The Soviet wars surrounded them completely so that they did not have a chance to run out and decided to strike them to destroy. Both sides were harassed. More than two weeks passed as they waited for additional strength. Both sides slowed to open hurricane fire. Apparently, they are trying to save food and ammunition.

Between them shared a foreground which was in a distance of about a kilometer. From time to time they began to dig a trench for themselves, like mice. In the afternoon, snipers are very dangerous, those who raise their heads kill instantly. Therefore, they dug a trench mainly at night and continued at a pace until morning. Once a German plane appeared in the sky wherever long away there a bullet reaches and circled like a dragonfly in the place where the German troops were, apparently, they decided to plant food and ammunition for them. Some parachute bags began to be lowered by parachute. But there was not a strong wind. And these bags from the wind fell neither to the Germans, namely, closer to the territory where the Soviet wars were. Both sides suffered from hunger, and therefore they opened fire to each other. Wars pressed to the ground were torn to get to the bags first.

Russian wars killed a dozen Germans. After that, the Germans did not dare to approach them. They probably decided to be hungry and stay alive than to die, they never returned. Russian barely got large bags that can carry no less than two people. They were abundant from German food. On the same day in the evening, a loud noise was heard from the Germans, a machine gun opened fire, and a grenade exploded. Dissatisfied German voices lazily barking voices were heard until some time and then subsided. It was noticeable that there was a big scandal. The Russian regiment reinforced doubled vigilance. It did not even take two or three days, right in the morning from the German side someone started speaking through the radio box from the beginning in Russian, and later in Kazakh spoke louder and clearer. When the voice was heard in his native language, Yerezhepbai almost jumped out of his trench. He wanted to get up. But for such action, there was no permission. If you jump out of the trench die – you lose your soul. Not from a stray bullet, but from a bullet of a German sniper who can shoot right at point-blank you can suddenly fall instantly.

This pleasant tenor soft voice that spoke Kazakh so competently and clearly, which acted so close to the heart, Yerezhepbai unmistakably recognized. This voice was Yergeshbai. Only he could speak in such a gentle calm tone. He called on the Soviet wars to agree. To discuss in detail the agreement among themselves, he called for three wars on each side. And he warned that they should go out without weapons. “Her, – he said, -are there Kazakhs among you? ” If there is, let go … Let’s talk, and let’s agree. At the moment speaking with you the commander of this battalion Heinrich Schneider. My Kazakh name is Yergeshbai. I grew up from small years among the Kazakhs, I was a son for them, and they raised me. They saved me from the famine. Therefore, I do not want to shoot at them and I do not want to fight with them. Now no one will shoot from our side. Believe me … Please do not shoot, either …

The composition of our battalion of children of ordinary people who were engaged in the peasantry, which were at the very beginning against this war. Therefore, we are among the unfaithful wars. We do not want to fight anymore. We all want to return to healthy, alive home, to our parents, relatives, children. Pass on your commanders our words, we do not want war. Just give a guarantee that you will save our life. We are asking for it. The regiment commander prepared three people. From Kazakhs, Yerezhepbai, from Russian deputy Ukrainian who studied German before the war and taught German. But he was ordered to pretend that he did not know German at all and watched vigilantly that they would speak among themselves.

After a called Kazakh was called, Yerezhepbai, he explained to the commander that he knew the German who spoke through radio box, and told his full story. And he did not hide the fact that he was like an as a native brother for him and grew up together. The regiment commander said and noted that such a likely occurrence is very rare in the battlefield, maybe only from a thousand times or even from a million times. And before them, he placed a responsible obligation. He strictly warned that they were on the alert, and that they did not give any information about the number of wars that are located here, and whether there is a supply of food, the condition of military equipment and weapons. It was ordered that they take this into account clearly so that they would be very careful not to give a word. And about Yergeshbai was also informed that he could have been specially trained at the official intelligence school.

He warned of the possibility of getting to a trap which he could organize in different ways. It was especially said that for Yerezhepbai can be as a brother. But if they even take as a native brother the long years ago and they ate together a piece of bread and may unexpectedly act differently. All the same, Yergeshbai is a member of the enemy who raised his gun against the Soviet warrior when he became a brave part. The commander tried as hard as possible to bring them all to mind so that they would in no case forget for a second that if you feel sorry for the enemy, then you will die from his own hands, this is the strict law of war. And they, as well Germans, came out higher raising the white fabric tied on a stick.

When they were approaching closer to each other Yergeshbai immediately recognized Yerezhepbay. The Germans dressed up as if they had come to the ceremony. They were dressed cleanly and neatly. There was such a sensation that they were not on the field of war but walked along the streets of Berlin, all their clothes were clean, ironed. Collars are white, white as snow. Sluggish boots are black and the sun shines from the light, you can immediately see that they cleaned with a shoe creams brush. Compared to the German wars, Russians from the outside looked terrible. Their tunics were yellowed and worn like a slut (very dirty). From the fact that they lay in the trenches day and night, from head to toe they were all dirty from forest soil. At the feet are canvas boots. They did not clean almost after the release from the factory, they already turned white from without paint. In the heads of grimy caps that stink of sweat. But no matter how neat the Germans looked, their faces were worried. The surviving Germans about what awaits them in the no future were self-confident. But the Russians were proud, their heaps raised, firm gait. Yergeshbai was in a German uniform. He was not as skinny as before, was a little stout and looked pretty. He did not expect what to see here Yerezhepbai, even he did not dream in a dream. As he saw my early brother Yerezhepbai: – Brother! – shouted in all voice. – Brother, brother, Yerezhepbai aha! Is it you? Yerezhepbai aga-aa …

After that, he burst into tears and ran towards Yerezhepbai, opening his arms. And Yerezhepbai too ran with all his might to the meeting of his brother Yergeshbai, forgetting about the warning of his commander. – Yes, … yes, … Yergesh … it’s me, it’s me … – Set aside! – the order with the loud voice of the deputy commander stopped him on the floor of the road. Stopped abruptly. If not for this order, he would have run to the very huge Yergeshbai and would have hugged him with all his might. -Leave his, back immediately! The commander repeated the order while clenching his teeth. Yerezhepbai did not even have time to really stop. Turning noticed the fire from Israel from his side. And after that, a sniper shot was heard. – Do not shoot, do not shoot! Yerezhepbai shouted in a loud voice. He raised both hands up and waved in different directions, as a sign “you can not shoot,” putting his whole soul on it. But it was too late. After some time, approaching Yergeshbai stumbled as if he had lost his relaxed weight. After that, his walking slowed down and stood stumbling in an instant. He began to vomit blood. After that, with his huge body fell slowly into the arms of Yerezhepbai. – Brother Yerezhepbai! … And how does a mother? … Mem-mm …

It was the last glory of Yergeshbai before death. His blue, bright eyes remained open, but he did not really understand what had happened to him. Yerezhebbai cried with all his voice hugging Yergeshbai’s body and began to fall to the ground. And the Germans who were ahead and the Russian wars that were behind laid on the ground, not understanding anything. To two Germans who survived, were still alive, their own Germans started screaming from behind in a radio box explaining something. They also lay down on the ground and then began to pick up the white cloth that they had. Their eyes bulged and were bewildered. After that, one of them began to crawl along the Plastunsky and approached Yergeshbai. Apparently, he thought that Yergeshbai was still alive. He began to tell Yergeshbai something without noticing that he had not been alive for a long time. A Ukrainian who knew German very well began to translate instantly to his commander. He explained to the commander that those Germans who were left behind wanted to surrender. Russian wars also raised a white sign. And they rose to from their seats. It seemed to be safe already. The Russians fell silent, realizing that they were making a gross mistake. One could see many Germans rising from the ground and looked at their side with pouting eyes. They tried not to budge, as if one supernatural force assured them that there would be no more shots, and they wanted to keep this hope until the end. The Germans surrendered to one. Of the to an honourable Yergeshbai preserved hundreds of soldiers’ lives on both sides. But, Yerezhepbai all his life considered himself guilty of the death of Yergeshbai. And he thought and believed that until the time the Germans surrendered, he should not have appeared to Yergeshbai. Were then he would have survived. Why did he come running to me when he saw me? He didn’t have to run to me.

After all, he could just come as if he did not know me. Oh, if he would have done so, everything would have been different! He would be by my side. These are the questions he asked himself thousands of times, and he has countless arguments a tormented him a long time, that is, until today he has not found the exact answer for to all. – My sincere, simple-minded, my brother, when he saw me, he had forgotten that I was one of his enemies. He imagined himself as if he had as if not at the war and met a with me as in the out. Running to me, joyfully opening his arms, he found dead, my poor brother Yergesh!


Old Man Yerezhepbai finished his secret story that had been hiding for a long time. Until then, he didn’t finish his story; he didn’t let go of his handkerchief and wiped his tears endlessly. Fellow villagers, brothers, relatives and non-relatives heard how they grew up together, and how they met. Happened just like that, and from time to time that such a story turns into an unforgettable, generous adventure. And the long time will be reminded in their memory. And they remembered that it was very expensive for them. And they were surprised and listened silently in a state of shock. Yerezhepbai, the oldest veteran of the Great Patriotic War, for his amazing history, those sitting in the hall applauded for a long time and stood still in honour of the hero of our time. Honoured and bowed to him. A soul wounded by war, even if it has changed over how many generations, has passed, and for as many as 75 years has hurt so far to be time.

Not healing hurt up to this point. In the same village, which is more than a thousand kilometers far from the military front, the thin blue-eyed German boy grew up, and hundreds of wars survived for his courage. The about the fact that he grew up as a Kazakh, and has he heart as Kazakh who knew only one veteran old man. The rest are all dead. And after the death of Yerezhepbai, this story will be completely forgotten, if in other cases. But now it will remain in the memory of the people forever that there lived a German named Heinrich-Yergeshbai with a Kazakh character, with a Kazakh soul. And in truth, after all, this will be passed on from generation to generation.


Tungyshbai Toregeldiev writer, member World Nations Writers’ Union

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