WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY – Written by Brenda Mohammed

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I am sharing the Foreword written by Shiju H. Pallithazheth for A SPARK OF HOPE II: Poems for Suicide Prevention.
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“‘A Spark of Hope’ is a familiar name among many writers and readers. This book had been a best seller and lifesaver for many in the past. I had a feeling of bliss when I came to know that Brenda Mohammed, Narendra Rajkumar, and Farhana Sait had again teamed up for a noble cause. They are out again to support the world with more strength and kindle hope for those victims of misery and depression.
They aren’t alone but supported by many global good Samaritans. Those good Samaritans are the genius writers from different parts of the world who had extended the power of their magic pen to compile the 2nd part of this life saving book. They have been successful in collectively filling this book with the much needed sparks, to bring back people to life who once thought that it’s time to say good bye. It also gives me an opportunity to ponder, if the people behind the making of this book (as mentioned before) should be renamed as below:
Brenda Mohammed as
Brenda (Prophetess) Mohammed
Farhana Sait as Farhana (Saint)
Narendra Rajkumar as (Lord Indra) Rajkumar
If you look at today’s scenario, many people make the mistake of ending life believing that things can turn better by doing this deed. It’s a catastrophe not only to self but the people who placed faith and hope on the victim. It’s like amputating the minds of people who showered good will on them. Life is not unique for anyone, but it’s common in terms of the proportion of happiness and miseries in it. It’s important that we as writers should motivate the people who fall weak when just a few miseries befall them.
The whole purpose of this new book you are holding now in the series called, “A Spark Of Hope 2”, is not to make humans immortal, but to make sure people follow the life’s natural process to decide their end of tenure from the common man’s life. Nobody should ever do the big blunder of taking their own life, as it’s cowardice, sadness to a surrounding, shame to self, and their families involved. I would like to recommend this book as a mind changer in every household, and as a priceless reference to re-ignite ‘hope to live’ in each and every human today, living on earth. I wish all the readers of this creative book a lot of positive energy, and let’s collectively bring back many lost people to the steady flow of the rhythm of life.
Thanks and Regards
Shiju H. Pallithazheth
Founder – Motivational Strips
Co-President – World Nations Writers Union
Hon. President- Union Hispanomundial De Escritores (UHE)
GOD’S LAST LETTER by Shiju H. Pallithazheth
Your mind may tend to shatter,
With worries that make the clatter;
It’s common, and always has a latter,
When things become all the better
It’s not permanent or a big matter,
If you can be patient to self and flatter.
Mind is funny, weird and may chit chatter;
Good at times, and bad to stain it as litter,
Never give up till things get better;
Be one who is a strong trendsetter,
And wash away things that hurt as litter.
It can never help you get better
Remember that death is always for later,
When God sends an invite called ‘His last letter’.
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