WHAT’S OUR BUSINESS WITH POETRY? – Written by Prince Steve Oyebode

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Written by Prince Steve Oyebode


Poetry is better described as an agelong art of rhythmical composition either spoken or written, for exciting pleasure either by beautiful, imaginative or elevated thoughts. Upon any level of assessment and critical evaluation it may be placed, poetry shall remain an important part of our art and culture regardless of our origin. It’s indeed a formidable force for the promotion of peace and unity where we share ideas, express emotions and create imagery. All lovers of poetry have designed beautiful template through which they encourage and motivate counterpart poets around the globe as obtainable in the United States library of Congress where they appoints a poet laureate yearly to represent the art of poetry in America right from Shakespearean sonnets to Maya Angelou’s reflective compositions. Other continents are doing beautifully well in this regard.

Irrespective of the forms of poetry we engage in, whether haiku, free verse, sonnets, acrostic, cinquain, epic, ballad etc. All literary stakeholders should rather use poetry as an instrument uniting the world rather than promoting any form of chauvinism and discrimination. Whether blacks or whites, one thing is sacrosanct and certain, we have same red blood. What then is our business with poetry if it doesn’t promote love, unity, peace and personal cum concerted growth & development of all and sundry?

The modern day poets and writers all over the world have the mandates and responsibilities of promoting the cause of literature with no recourse to religion, skin, origin, language, tongue, status and nationality. Anything bereft this cardinal and noble objective negates what true poetry connotes and the principal essence of literature. We should be constantly looking for avenue to encourage younger minds to invest in the business of poetry with no premium being placed for whatever gain or under any guise. If this is done religiously, just in no time, we shall witness positive and dramatic turnaround in the world of poetry. Our core assignment is to motivate and encourage, if we act contrarily, then we have no business with poetry.


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