WE WERE LIKE ONE – Poem By Dušanka Duda Borza Tekstopisac-Pesnikinja (English and Croatian)

Written By Dušanka Duda Borza Tekstopisac-Pesnikinja

I know you have

New love

It’s wrong man!

I love to keep my promise

I will wait forever

You were wrong

She gave her a hand

And I was left alone

I have only a heart left

Let me give it to you

When I hear

You are no longer happy

I wouldn’t care about it

As I know you are mine

Out Love being immortal

We were like one

© Dušanka Duda Borza Tekstopisac-Pesnikinja


Bili smo ko jedno

Znam da imš

Novu ljubav

Pogrešnog čoveka

A ja ljubav obećanu

Čekaću do veka

Pogrešnom si

Ruku dala

A ja venem sam

Ovo srce čuvao sam

Tebi da ga dam

Kada čujem

Srećna nisi

Nije mi svejedno

Znam moja si

Ljubav bila

Bili smo ko jedno

© Dušanka Duda Borza Tekstopisac-Pesnikinja

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Written by Shiju H Pallithazheth

He is a multi genre best selling author of “Katashi Tales” & “The Ghost Wisdom”. He is the founder of Motivational Strips, world’s most active writers forum. Author Shiju H Pallithazheth additionally handles presidential roles in world’s top two writers unions namely ‘World Nations Writers Union’ and ‘Union Hispanomundial De Escritores’. He is also the Global Advisor of Lasosyasyon Lar Sans Frontyer (Government of Seychelles Literary board ). He is respected worldwide as a literary mentor, writers coach and motivational speaker. He is currently based in Sultanate of Oman


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  1. Love song like your poem if powerful in its message. The heart of a woman in love is most delicate thing in the world. That should not be broken by all means. But here in this poem lover could not maintain standard and could not keep the promise to be honest in love. Instead lover has become infidel to her beloved. It’s very painful situation for a woman but even though she tell him she would not break the promise and would wait for him. That is the great aspect of the poem. Congratulation
    (Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar, New Delhi, India)

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