WE ARE TWO TREES – a poem written by Simanta Goswami

Let me say
We are two trees entwined
In an eternal bond
Of soulful love.
Our roots and branches are
Braided with squeezy thread of lushful love.
Our rhythmic breathes
Play rusty notes on the leaves.
Ever since you stepped
Into my life,
You are my stars,my moon
My mini blue sky
You are my tune ,my light in darkness.
Let me say
Your hypnotizing first look
Caged my sight
Making all things appear so bright.
You know!
The way you touch me
gives me tingles
down my spines.
Sourcing waves that
Entangles both in breathless ebb and flow.
Throwing all colours
On us
Only to glow.
Let me say.
My heart is your shelter
And arms your sweet home
We are rooted together
As one blissful whole
We are the leaves
that sway
Making our tree of love to grow
With every passing day.
We are two trees
Entwined in an eternal bond
Of soulful love.
© Simanta Goswami


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