Waltz of Winter – A Poem Written by Fernando José Martínez Alderete

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Waltz of Winter

Written by Fernando José Martínez Alderete


They are big clouds in the sky,
Mysterious celestial rocks
Winter jealous fear,
Snow feverish that expand its icy whiteness.
The land cover it gently ermine,
If the wild wind of darkness
Will remove from me love and serenity,
I would expect another life to drink you happily.
Oblique flakes falling slowly, frozen.
Moss forest has been lost,
Oblivion in a vacuum was submerged;
Where two carnations grew embraced.
The cold winter will become lonely,
It will sets the course of my desire to live,
When the sun comes up I will be able to climb
To find a legendary loving heart.
On the quartz veins a storm of rain,
This is your cooing dove snow temperamental,
Let´s dance woman this little waltz of winter.


2020, Mexico

All Rights Reserved

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