Video Review of the book Voyages and Visions by Author Muhammad Shanazar. Video review created by Veronica Mohamed-Salih

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Muhammad Shanazar (born 25th of November, 1960 – Pakistan)
Review of the book Voyages and Visions. Author: Muhammad Shanazar. Published by Evincepub Publishing (2020)
Written by: Veronica MOHAMED-SALIH
Translated by: Ayșe Bahar
Recitation of the poem ”The Divine Message” (included in the book), by Veronica MOHAMES-SALIH
Welcome once more on the channel and pages dedicated to my personal project Passion & Challenges. This project would not exist if it weren’t encouraged by you, the onese who are curious and follow with interest the projects I am rolling out.
In the section Friends in implementing and promoting the project Passion & Challenges, I shall present you, through this video, the honourable international poet Muhammad Shanazar from Pakistan, who militates for peace, human rights, honour and fairness in all aspects of life.
I invite you to explore, with interest and curiosity, the mysterious universe revealed by the honorable poet Muhammad Shanazar, through his astral voyages, wonderfully transposed in his book, Voyages and Visions.
I have chosen to recite one of his poems from this volume, namely The Divine Message.
Beneficial watching and I wish you a blessed encounter with the conscience of the author through what he has written!

Muhammad Shanazar
The source of the photos that present the image and bibliography of the poet Muhammad Shanazar, is his facebook page:

Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Javorka,
The source of the photo of the poet-graphic artist Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Javorka, is her facebook page

I specify that the photos presented in this video, which come from the personal pages of the poets Muhammad Shanazar and Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Javorka, are used only for the purpose of promoting the activity of the poet Muhammad and recognizing the contribution of the poet-graphic artist Ewelina Maria. These photos are not used for commercial purposes. Thanks to the rightful owners!

Special thanks to dear Maryam Silo, who prepares many of the outfits that appear in the videos and photos.
Many thanks for the translation, Ayșe Ayşe Bahar.
Special thanks to my family for helping me with the videos and the photo.
Thank you Octavian Octavia Dumitru for the profile photo from the official page managed by me, Veronica MOHAMED-Salih Passion & Challenges.
Great thanks to Mellowsonic, SilentCortex and Grandvision the authors of the musics:
Mellowsonic – Cosmic Transference
SilentCortex – Silent relaxation
Grandvision – Through Time and Space (Epic Sci-fi Soundtrack)

Veronica Mohamed-Salih

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