Touch of Memory – A Poem Written by Bobita Saikis

Touch of Memory

Written by Bobita Saikis


The rainbow’s beauty is falling
From the emerald skies of imaginable life
On my painful hut of rain and cold.

My pathetic stream is filled
with your reminiscence
As if a sweet smile comes to fly from that stream.

I peep with enraptured mind
amid of the deepest heart
for the longing of anxious mind.

My broken and dispirited heart is filled with emptiness
But every moment I hear your evergreen
Conch sound of memory
In the pure hermitage of eternal peace!

The precious pearl Sapphire and red Coral are glittering
from your luminous rays
in the divinity of lyrical dreamy heart !!

You are a rear pearl of wide ocean
like the endless horizon
I drink the nectar of your divine creations
in my depths of deepest heart,
Always I look at your pure image in inner soul
as a flutes mellifluous melody in the autumnal moonlit night!!


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Written by Ewelina Maria BugajskaJavorka

Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Javorka was born in Poland, and now lives permanently in Denmark. She attended high school of economics and university of philosophy. She is the author of six poetry books. She has published her first book at the age of 17. Her poems can be found in many international anthologies. She is a laureate of many international awards and national literary competitions and recitation competitions in her homeland in Poland. She is a member of the NWNU - Union of Writers of the World. She is the International Goodwill Ambassador for Minorities at The Federal Association for the Advancement of Visible Minorities - FAAVM Canada and International Ambassador of The Brahmand Evolution Council, the Universal Mission for Peace, Justice and Humanity. Ambassador of Literature granted by Motivational Strips.
Editor Bharat Vision and Chief Administrator Motivational Strips - Scandinavian countries.
Correspondent and the head of the Poetry Department in Designer journal, Sweden.
Executive Deputy Editor of Chinese Literature (in charge of Hubei Federation of literary and art circles)
Associate Editor in Interantional Edition of Chinese Poetry Circle Magazine – Southwest University, China.


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