To the Poem of a Flower – a poem written by Wansoo Kim

To the Poem of a Flower
In front of darkness
That doesn’t bloom a stem of a poem
Even though I burn my whole body
Staying up all night,
You are giving off
The mysterious scent
As the poem of a fresh flower
That petals are in full bloom.
In your white and clean flower flesh,
The myth of Venus is heard
And in your flower eyes like jewels,
The legend of Emerald Lake glitters.
Please don’t open
Your reddish flower lips,
‘Cause the whispers of love overflow
Even in the crack of the closed flower lips
And light a fire in the heart of darkness.
Darkness runs away
As you shine brilliantly,
But small embers
Left in the trembling heart
Are blooming
As a stem of a love poem.


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