Thoughts about Poetry – An Article Written by Shakil Kalam

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Thoughts about Poetry

Written by Shakil Kalam


From the beginning of creation, along with human civilization, language has also evolved spontaneously. With this, various languages ​​have been originated. The number of mother tongues in the world is about seven thousand. Now the existence of all languages ​​is no longer found. However, after reviewing various sources, it is known that the introduction of the language started about fifty thousand years ago. Ever since then, there has been talk of a kind of breathing. We create sound by controlling it.

Poetry is the syntax of the rhyming or inevitable meaning of the application of words; which is a short form of a poet’s emotions, perceptions and Of thought-consciousness. It must be included the subject-matter, the presentation, the analogy, the imagery, the rhythm, and the dimensions which moves the human mind through rhythm. Poems are being written on the all subjects of the planet named earth. Poetry adds melodious audibility. Poetry is of various kinds in structural judgment. Throughout the ages, poets have changed the features and structure of poetry. Poetry is treated as the greatest branch of art.

In different countries of the world, the natural beauty, environment, climate, religion, caste, social system, culture, social and moral values, patriotism
​​and economic conditions affect all fields including their literature.

There is controversy as to when the journey of poetry began. According to some researchers, the path of literature started from the third century BC and some from the sixth century (BC) through poetry. Poetry is as important today as it was in ancient times. Beyond the ancient, middle, modern, postmodern era, we have entered the era of surrealism. I will say differently with many people, the appeal of poetry has not diminished at all.

Rather, with such a mindset of poetry, readers want more in poetry. Therefore, it can be said that the appeal of poetry in literature is immense. Breathless and eternal. Poetry has been making an important contribution in creating a kind of apathy by quenching the thirst for literature of the world. In all ages, poetry has been written with the predominance of contemporary social reality. People’s happiness-sorrow, laughter-cry, joy-pain, love, socio-economic condition are all combined in human life.
Poetry is the language of the heart. The source of human emotions. That’s why, social, moral values, love and nature are the inevitable accompaniments of poetry. Love makes people generous and selfless.

Again, if it is tragic, its consequences are also catastrophic.
The nature, environment, natural beauty, rivers, social communication and values, creation of social distance, human happiness and sorrow, human happiness, laughter and tears, human life, forms of culture, flowers and birds, colorful butterflies, smell of soil, human life are portrays in every poet’s poetry tremendously.

It becomes beautiful, colorful, meaningful and varied colorful canvas in poetic feeling. In the poems of all the poets, the longing of the tender heart, the triumph of life and the chemistry of love become full of pleasure. If we can hold the longing of poetry in our hearts, then this earth will be more fertile and livable. Every poet wants to build a new world with passion and love in building the body of his poetry. Therefore, every poet’s poem become impeccable and close to life.


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