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“Guru, Govind Dou Khade, Kake Lagoon Paye

Balihaari Guru Aapne, Govind Diyo Milaye” – ‘Doha’ of Sant Kabir.

Meaning in English – If I face my Guru (teacher) and God both, whom should I bow first? I first bow to my Guru, because he is the one who showed me the path to God.

We have almost forgotten Kabir but this Guruparab is nearly meaningless without the mention of Sant Kabir, a mystical poet and great saint of India. When a person is in a fix, whether the Guru (teacher) is great or the God, Kabir clearly emphasized it is the Guru who is greater than the God and one should bow down before Guru who is the only source of knowing God. Through this Guruparab or Prakashparab (the festival of light or knowledge), one gets unleashed. The unleashed is an enlightened one, free from the restraints of ignorance. The sparks emanating from the teachings of the Guru will surely lead one unto light (knowing the truth) from darkness of life long disbelief and meaningless traditions. Kabir’s poetic personality has been variously defined by the religious traditions that revere him, and the same can be said for his hagiography. For the Sikhs, he is a precursor and interlocutor of Nanak, the founding Sikh Guru (Spiritual Guide). The Muslims place him in Sufi (mystical) lineages, and the Hindus consider him as a Vaishnavite saint (devotee of Lord Vishnu) with universalist leanings. The Kabir ‘Panth’ (followers of Kabir) regards Kabir as its Principal Guru or even as a Divinity—truth incarnated. The broad range of traditions on which Kabir has had an impact, is testimony to his massive authority, even for those whose beliefs and practices he criticized so unsparingly.

A HAPPY GURUPARAB to one and all.

Note – A ‘Doha’ is a lyrical verse format, used extensively by Indian posts and the Bards of North India probably since the beginning of 6th century A.D.

©®Manikant Sharma, 2021, Shaharanpur, UP, India.

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Written by Malakshmi Borthakur

Malakshmi Borthakur is a contemporary trilingual poet from India. She is also a translator and a short story writer. Malakshmi has contributed to many coveted anthologies and journals. Her poems mostly deal with human issues - love, life, pain, tears and the anguish that individuals suffer from within. Her poetry brought for her many international and national awards and recognitions including the most coveted 'Independence Day Honour' 2020 and 2021 from Motivational Strips and Gujarat Sahitya Academy, India. Malakshmi is an Administrator of India office in the Global Committee of Administration in Motivational Strips - world's most active writers forum. Additionally, she is a Content Editor in 'Writers Tribune' - the global literary Newspaper published from the house of Motivational Strips and also one of the editors of Bharath Vision Web Magazine, an affiliate of Motivational Strips. Her debut poetry book 'SINGING VERSES, See The World From A Poet's Perspective' is going to be published soon.


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