The Twinkling Love – A Poem Written by Vandana Sudheesh and Rohini Behera

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The Twinkling Love

Written by Vandana Sudheesh and Rohini Behera


Vandana – Melodiously ambience unfurling the morning
A fervid tale I was about to hear so dashing

Rohini     – Yes , I have sensed an undeniable
Unfathomable fountain of passion in you

Vandana – Prepare the day to renew my love to apportion
We use it with indolence with no exhortation

Rohini    – I am all wrapped up in your yearnings
I reminisce your pulsating raptures

Vandana – Plummeting like autumnal clouds it tickled
Unveiling the lights of togetherness it drizzled

Rohini     – My love is sealed with a fetching candy kiss
Wherein cupid’s design and bow won’t miss

Vandana – Like a turquoise blush umpteen signs of being in love
Sticking to the things unsaid like a mystery, opened to evolve

Rohini     – A flame , feeling of inexplicable ecstasy
Your silent screams lucid on strikingly .


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