Greek mythology is  well myth you may say,

But destroying your beliefs is not the way.

From Minotaur and demigods and Olympus galore,

The country of Greece is another world to explore.

But before you go charging off to Europe,

Let me tell you more about the Rope.

Which rope? The Rope of Gleipnir of course,

Made by Nidavellir’s finest dwarf.

But if Norse mythology to you a bore, maybe wizards and potions will interest you more.

Straight out of UK is Hogwarts my friend,

From the very world where Voldemort met his end.

With enchanted objects and prophecies,

With Hoggy Warty Hogwarts to teach you something please.

From Nargles and Hippogriffs to enchanted quills,

From Hogsmeade and Pygmy Puffs to Puking Pastilles.

It is up to you what you choose to be,

A witch, a wizard or a demigod beneath.

But a piece of advice I can give you from experience,

Try the Fizzing Whizzbees, they’re absolutely delicious!

Hearing all that you may be pondering,

On what else is real, is that what you’re wondering?

Well here my friend, I am to tell you more.

There’s so much in the world we haven’t explored.

Indian myths for one or not myths, once again.

From Nagas to Pandavas to The Council of Guardians,

To Indra and Arjuna and Ravana’s minions.

But if all of this seems too otherworldly,

Maybe hieroglyphs and sarcophagi seem a better journey.

From the Pharaohs of Egypt, and the endless river Nile

To Ha-Di! spells and the Duat inside

And mummification is not quite how they show it in movies,

As the ancient Egyptians were rather choosy.

On who went to the afterlife and who did not,

Based on who had actually bravely fought.

These are the true wonders of the world, my friend,

But who’s to say your imagination should meet an end?

©® Anika Govil, 2022, Muscat, Oman


Editor’s Note: Anika Govil is one of the winners of ‘Grow Your Buds International Poetry Rendition Contest’, organized by Motivational Strips in collaboration with Soundarya Educational Trust, Bengaluru, India. She studies in grade 7 in Indian School Al Ghubra at Muscat, Oman.

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Written by Malakshmi Borthakur

Malakshmi Borthakur is a contemporary trilingual poet from India. She is also a translator and a short story writer. Malakshmi has contributed to many coveted anthologies and journals. Her poems mostly deal with human issues - love, life, pain, tears and the anguish that individuals suffer from within. Her poetry brought for her many international and national awards and recognitions including the most coveted 'Independence Day Honour' 2020 and 2021 from Motivational Strips and Gujarat Sahitya Academy, India. Malakshmi is an Administrator of India office in the Global Committee of Administration in Motivational Strips - world's most active writers forum. Additionally, she is a Content Editor in 'Writers Tribune' - the global literary Newspaper published from the house of Motivational Strips and also one of the editors of Bharath Vision Web Magazine, an affiliate of Motivational Strips. Her debut poetry book 'SINGING VERSES, See The World From A Poet's Perspective' is going to be published soon.


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