The Thorns of Rose – A Poem Written by Shakil Kalam

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The Thorns of Rose

Written by Shakil Kalam


There are different species and roses of different colors in this world,
red, white, black, pink.
The beauty and fragrance of roses captivate people.
That is why poets have written love poems, rhymes and stories about thorny roses since ancient times.
Artists have painted various pictures;
In all creativity, the rose has taken its place in its glory.

Roses bring joy to peoples’ mind,
a ray of light, it nourishes the human mind.
Reduces stress, increases metabolism in human body
A flood of joy in biology, like the first rain;
As it absorbs in the dry-soil.

When someone goes to pick roses, he has to bear the bite of thorns,
Sighing in agony, people still pick roses.
You can tell me why the roses fallen downwards?
Why do the body of such an alluring beauty is full of thorns?


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