The Sacred Sin – A Poem Written by Munir Mezyed

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The Sacred Sin

Written by Munir Mezyed


O’ Red Poem, calm down and do not panic!
It is my voice that wallows in the golden sands of your breast
It only absorbs the milk of memories from it
O’ Red Poem, calm down and do not panic!
I only want to return the flower of holy sins to the forbidden tree
To erase the elusive traces of my sins from my imagination
To pray together in the sanctuary of the Word
In the presence of the sins that I have not committed yet
I stand steadfast in earnest bowing with pursed lips ready to spill sacred agreement in this holy moment
O’ Red Poem, calm down and do not panic!
If a wound touches you, be sure a similar wound will touch me
You are the first sin, and I am the one who committed it
You are the goddess of charms and I am the one who is under your spell
Be my sin!
Alas, never cease to seduce me
My only fervent desire from the realms unseen is to surrender naked, vulnerably holding nothing in reserve soaring in my imagination with wings of fire indestructive flames of passion tendering us
To vanish like a silent silhouette beneath your breast insatiable, a wonton recluse bewitched but not forlorn
May the flowers of the forbidden tree and their many splendorous robes of adorning petals cry out to the wind in a plethora of captivating magnificent colors
Sprouting gloriously in my voice!


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