The power of love – an article by Shahid Nasim Hyder

The power of love may be a great binding force among people of sensibility. Educated and sensitive people variously control themselves in anger and will not reach to extreme. Anger is enemy to reason and sometimes it invites man to extreme. Suicide, violent attack, cruelty, madness are the tongue of rage but to the educated man these passions may not lead to extreme but the illiterate people are near to animalic extreme.They can not control anger. In anger they are likely to act uncontrollably and respond madly.
We hear and read of murder and violence among the people of low literacy group.
There is no denying the fact that they are not criminal but act criminal by sheer rage.
Killing of wife by a drunken husband and vice versa is a common news. Domestic violence with children and children violent on parents and relatives is a common scene in society.
The culprit behind is uncontrollable passion, insensitivity and above all maddening rage.
No amount of law and reasoning and moral lectures can affect a crude man as he does not have sensitivity.
An educated man becomes sophisticated and in him culture and sense develops and for these merits he can digest anger. He can not easily go unbridled. He remains in check. This makes him a restricted man.

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