by Bob Taub


The monster from the waters came. The screeching noise he made as he trudged his way into the village would make your blood freeze. You could hear him from a mile away. At the sound, everyone in the village bolted and barred their doors and windows. The men got their guns, rifles, and shotguns ready. The women and children were sent into the cellar. No one knew where he would strike that night… suddenly everything went deadly silent. Where was he about to strike? Although they had never seen the monster, they always saw the large foot marks that were left in the ground after he was gone. All of a sudden, they heard a bloodcurdling scream they had never heard before. Was this another monster that was entering the village, and if so where did it come from? Or was it some poor soul that was caught by the monster and being dragged away? As it happens the second monster was calling to the first one. Not another sound was heard. Are you curious to know what happened? Well, now I will let you know so you need not be terrified along with the villagers. The second monster you see was calling the first one home for supper. THEY DECIDED TO HAVE FISH AND CHIPS INSTEAD!!

©R. Taub – Dec. 7, 2015

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Written by Anne Thrope

Ellen S. Breiling, aka Anne Thrope, is a multiple award-winning, published poet appearing in various poetry anthology books and magazines, with a forthcoming book, "Full Circle: 360° Poetry" - due for release Fall, 2020. She is the Chief Administrator of the US/Canada region for Motivational Strips, the world's largest writer's forum, the founder of Full Circle Poetry, and she manages 360° Poetry, a personal poetry blog, all can be found on Facebook. Ellen is an approving editor for the Bharath Vision website, affiliated with Motivational Strips. She is also a co-author of the poetry book, "Chasing Zephyrs." She was recognized by The Government of Peru as one of the world's foremost contemporary writers and awarded accordingly. And on the occasion of India's 74th Independence Day in 2020, Ellen was among the world's most highly respected poets to receive an award directly from the Government of Gujarat and the Gujarat Sahitya Akademi in celebration.


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