THE LIVING GRAVE – a poem written by Shiju H. Pallithazheth


Are humans just a machine?
Why is workaholism, a regular routine?
Where are all the emotions?
All we see, is just the mechanical motions?
It’s time people take relief from stress,
And keep their worries as less.
Did you take time for your family?
When was the last you all went out happily?
Why do you treat your wives as a sloppy?
Don’t they have a right to be happy?
Wake up guys and gals,
You need to know socializing, and be pals.
Enjoy the sky and the greens,
Let them inspire and make you human beings.
People say age is just a number,
But if you remember, it’s long since you had a joyful slumber.
You are aging faster and beyond,
Don’t tax your mind and dig a grave around.
Keep time for living in leisure,
You definitely need to know the meaning of pleasure.
Overwork will add more pressure,
You need to have a refresher.
When will you realize that you were dying while living?
Don’t you wish to realize your dreams before leaving?
Let your grave feel proud and fulfilled,
Let it console, that it lived and never got mechanically killed.


Shiju H. Pallithazheth


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