The Goddess – A Soul Talk – A Poem Written by Namita Nayak

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The Goddess – A Soul Talk

Written by Namita Nayak


I’m the daughter
the mountains, all the mountains are one and indivisible.. only the seas
divide them.
I’m born from the mountains,
my face, eyes , my hands , my feet are made of stone,
all the rivers are my mother.
Hence, my blood is water
flowing in my veins.

I’m liquid , Im also stone,I’m.gaseous, I’m also
air and ether.
Like air , I’m all pervading,
like water I can flow down
and can inundate the
the low lying areas..with
my liquid emotions.

The mountains and the rivers
are my biological parents.
Hence I’m solid and
I’m also liquid.

I’m the goddess , hence reactionless ,
I’m the goddess , hence the
I protect, hence
I’m protection less.
I’ve created the stars
and the planets.
I’m the clouds, I come down
in the form of rain drops
to disperse a wet feeling
in the heart of the
dry earth , the trees and
the foliages.

Sometimes I look at the sky and
wonder, how I could
spread so faster and could
cover the universe.

I’m the earth,
don”t I recoil in pain
when I give birth
to the seas and the oceans,
the sea of milk and the sea
salt, the Red Sea
and the black.

Now I can see only curls of smoke, dust particles are
flying everywhere,
I’m not in mood to control them,
Let them follow me,
They are temporary,
will vanish in the air.

I’m the goddess, the stone
is my flesh.
I create them to create me,.
If I dont exist, they dont also
exist , the universe
does nt also exist.
I’m the goddess, the reactionary
And also reactionless.


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