That Afternoon.. – Short Story By Ayenankita Das

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That Afternoon..
Short Story By Ayenankita Das

Tara was so eager for today’s midday nap story that she even pulled my hairs.
—–“Mama fast”….
—– “Yes darling ,coming”
That afternoon gave me flashbacks of last months afternoon,submerged in the tiny virus’s grievances.
My Eyes welled up.The characters became lively in front of me then I began…….

“There she stands with her sick child about five years old like you some where among the dustbins of the main road shivering with immense sufferings…..the mother finds herself the most helpless creature in this earth. She keeps on pleading ,screaming, crying her heart out, near the the cops to get medical aid .

‘’… we are too helpless… its against government rule ….you will be punished”…. the Monsterious words of the cop broke the mother.

I became nostalgic, I could feel her, l saw me within her and her child as my Tara .She fell down, devastated, destroyed as if someone has captivated her….. she could feel her hands… her legs… freezing…. a cursed soul, once looking at her leukaemic child and the next moment struggling for her survival.

Yes I agree, after many phone calls,they both were able to get to the hospital but the moment, the mother standing at the the barrier of of life and the desert of Doom devored all her ipseity…… completely null and void she stood there.”

……. My heart was denying to stop speaking but as my glance fell on my little Tara, she was asleep.

These are heart piercing indeed but just a story for a 5 year old innocent creature.

© Ayenankita Das

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