by Dusty Gibson

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As the first golden star was born into the universe, scented with the most pleasurable smell of hope and life, the moon cried out with joy. Excited to see the fruit of her love with the sun come to pass.
The stardust it created blew out into the universe creating solid stars that need not be grounded as it did upon the moon to sustain its immortal being. They twinkled, danced throughout. Blinking at the worlds closest to them.
The sun knew the moon needed help alighting all the different worlds for it did not burn hot like fire as the sun did. The moon was silver and cool. So they collaborated to help the moon keep many worlds lit during the night.
This is how stars began their lives, as one passes on into the next life, the flower star on the moon blows life of a new star, born from its stardust, to take the old one’s place. This is the story of the birth of stars.

©Dusty Gibson 10/4/19

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