SHOWERS OF LOVE – A Poem Vandita Dharni

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Today, we highlight Vandita Dharni,  Chief Administrator of How to Write for Success Literary Forum.
We are publishing her beautiful poem SHOWERS OF LOVE from the Amazon bestseller No 1 book, JUST FOR YOU. Let us congratulate her.
Gulmohar trees with breezes swing
Forming a chain of golden canopies
Ripened in a sunset that clings
to the rustle of susurrous leaves.
Love’s ecstasy in her bosom lies
Sparkling on her window sill
satiating her kohl-rimmed eyes
with showers of love- a Pluviophile.
She holds a raindrop in her palm
to savor virginal love’s tryst,
Fluttering sonatas wing in her heart
as she traces them on her spangled wrist.
Enveloped in an apricity
love finds a home in her heart to stay
The mercurial glow in her eyes
lingers in the enigma of a geisha’s sway.
Seasoned by the blush of a crimson dawn
she pirouettes in the rapturous rain
draped in the fragrance of Jasmine
to the cadence of a night’s refrain.
@Vandita Dharni
BIO: Dr. Vandita Dharni hails from an eminent family of educationalists. She has earned many a distinction in the literary field. In the early stages of her academic pursuits, she raised the bar by topping the University of Allahabad at the postgraduate level in English. Thereafter, she earned an honorary Ph.D. degree from the University in American Literature. Her articles, poems, and short stories have been published in prestigious journals. She is the author of, Quintessential Outpourings, The Oyster of Love, and Rippling Overtures. Vandita also co-authored two bestselling Anthologies published by the Literature Forum How to Write for Success, of which she is an Administrator, and Motivational Strips Global Literature Forum and affiliates. On 15th August 2020, Motivational Strips and Gujarat Sahitya Akademi under State Government of Gujarat honoured Vandita for Literary excellence on par with Global standards.

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