Shiju H. Pallithazheth message on the occasion of SHAKESPEAREAN DAY.

We wish all adorable family members in Motivational Strips on the occasion of ‘SHAKESPEAREAN DAY’ This forum became the world’s most active because you all remained committed to literature sans national boundaries and other hampering parameters. Literature is divine and pure. The wisdom, clarity, and grounded hearts of writers propel it higher. A muse is said to be most powerful when one keeps heart clean and selfless. The altruistic means of uplifting fellow writers, learning from them, and sharing thoughts, forms the base of literature. Every monumental script arises from this collective effort. So keep uniting and sharing your wonderful literary creations, keep sharing your wise thoughts. Let us keep the soul of William Shakespeare smiling in each of our hearts. Let’s live the vision of literature. The sole purpose of this forum is to open a wiser world for you, where the ink never dries or is ever divided, where the ink speaks louder, and every writer is heard loud worldwide!

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