Scorpio Bite – Dr. Pragya Suman

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Scorpio Bite   ( flash fiction )


Evening was about  to transpire in the full gloom, slightly dim, made surrounding an illusionary one. Waft of air, movement of palmyra trees and overhanging clouds brought scorpions out .

Days  have gone far behind as I was playing hide and seek game. Game would be interesting in dusk as  electricity was an infrequent visitor, those were rustic days as life was not so fast like  nowadays.

Running  was in the  air,I was acting a thief in the play  and motion was naughty, a frisky  one I had to hide . As I was crossing  the outdoors, it seemed a bulk of flesh had  chopped out .Severe stinging pain in the right  foot felt like an ascending tail to head.

I was  in the  bed, lying in wriggling  pain. Soon I began to sink down  and down as the bed went up in the  air, a contrast phenomenon , I was transpired out  of a wooden plank of bed. One  scorpion   waved it’s  stinger out of  my nasal hole . I  have heard that they never  exist , as they are fictional  insects .Second one , then third  began to trail in long procession, soon  I was burdened beneath them . But the burning  sensation seemed going up and up as so much hurly burly  in the surrounding was . A massive search was made there, lamps , earthen  cups with cotton wicks , torch , in many hands . At last that was  caught in the corner of the front door . Some one, perhaps my uncle, caught  it and crushed it under the shoe .

The Topsy turvey environment ascended  to crescendo “ lo it has found “ Everybody  got excited and began to scan the insect. Creature  was eight legged ,with a segmented tail and stinger .

“ Go and  bring a match  stick ,it’s ash  would mellow down  her pain,  and also a  piece of paper, My mother  yelled in a weary voice, tears  were in her eyes .

My  younger  brother was fanning with a hand fan to give me fresh air . Surrounded  by sympathetic eyes I felt a bit lightened but pain  was not going to mellow.

Tepid  creature  was put in  piece of paper and  wrapped by mother .Matchstick  stroked match and there was ash  , black and scattered in soft friable consistency .It  was smeared upon my stank site which was swollen and  red. I felt lightened and slipped in sleep .

One Day  I saw a bunch of  AUGHAD ( saint whose residence is a graveyard ) who  had smeared his whole body with ash of burnt pyres . They  looked in trance creatures of another world . I still search for similarities with  scorpio bite , if any, exist .


copyright @Dr Pragya Suman.




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