Scared Dreams

by Carlos SNah

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Scared Dreams
If I ask you what is your biggest fear in life? What do you have to say?
Mine would be those scary voices I hear in my dreams at night Echoing my failures, and past fears To live in a world Where your big dreams Become the reason for depression And all men see in you is a vacuum— A society which forgets its inhabitants.
Each day, all I see is torment My friends morphing into back biters Some say my name is a harbinger for failure But I will never give up on my dreams.
My dreams might be scary It may be like passing a thread Through the tiny eye Of a needle Yet my God belief Never diminishes.
Sometimes, things are meant to freak you out and make you see the world from a different angle— Never give room to doubt.
I muster the courage to return those favors they often deprive me of— Rather than being upset I stay calm.
Life is a two-way lane and you don’t know which one you might End up playing.
A world beautiful and dangerous Everybody wants enough but— Aren’t willing to sacrifice a lot When you realise living comes At a price Then all you ever dreamt of Were sacred dreams.
©Carlos SNah
Image © Unknown

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