SAINOS ( Micro poems ) – a poem written by Khemlal Pokhrel

SAINOS ( Micro poems )
Mother nature has a mart
Where we get things in compact part
That are ever seen in abstract art.
[ A A A rhyme scheme ]
Pandemic has not left us
It is ugly and can be curse
That devoured many a precious soul.
[ A A B rhyme scheme ]
Nature’s granery is seen
In the Queen of seasons, the Spring
Where the domination is in green.
[ A B A rhyme scheme ]
All butterflies fly in mirth
Tossing flowers with lovely mates
Celebrating the Spring in high rates.
[ A B B rhyme scheme ]
Let us create mood for love
That dominates friendship of two
Making the souls as close as could be!
[ Free verse/a rhymeless poetical rendering ]
Note: A SAINO is a typical three-lined English
Micro poem with 7-8-9 syllabic structure.
Copyrights all reserved
Khemlal Pokhrel
Damak 5, Jhapa ( Nepal )


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