Rock me on your horse – a poem by Margaret Kowalewska

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Rock me on your horse
my darling
to the rapture of my heart..
Make me whole,
so unbroken
in the view
of my own eyes.
Engrave your gasp,
your gaze,
your lust,
in my thirst
for your love..
I want to feel your bliss
in your every unrest
and in your each serene
frame of mind
when the dawn
in you, is born
flowing from your breath
to mine..
On the contour
of your face,
there are imprints
of my lips
burning you
with my heat
leaving marks
on your skin..
I want to be your angel
singing hymns
when your fingerprints
on my hips
echo through my spine,
when you rock me
with your rhythm
in your passion blind,
through our fears,
hurts and sins
till the end
of our pain
to the beauty of
our world
to the brilliance
of our souls
to eternal dance of love..
@Margaret Kowalewska

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