Review for the Child Poet: A Galaxy for Children – Written by Brenda Mohammed and Barbara Ehrentreu

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The Child Poet: “A Poetic Galaxy for Children: Brenda Mohammed/ Barbara Ehrentreu
Foreword: Shiju H. Pallithazheth
Editorial Review: Florabelle Lutchman
A galaxy is a huge collection of gas, dust, and billions of stars and their solar systems, all held together by gravity. Imagine a galaxy of poems that focus on the stars, the weather, family life, the importance of books, and many other interesting topics. Each poem will stretch your imagination and children’s imagination into many places and taking them on many different journeys that will help adults and children enjoy the wonderful world of poems.
What would we be without our beautiful Sun to warm us up on a cold day or just feel the rays shining in all its glory?
Author Brenda Mohammed takes us inside the rays of the sun and yet we know that there are some that she does not please but to me her radiance makes me smile. Learning about the Earth is important for children and the information shared in the poem titled The Earth is invaluable. I will tell you a secret: If you read this poem you might learn whether the Earth is round or flat!
Stars are my favorite especially when they light up and sparkle in the night sky. Constellations are beautiful and stars are so precious we often wish upon them and hope what we wish for comes true.
A rainbow is so magical, and the author created a poem that helps readers visualize them and see the brilliance of the vibrant seven colors. Finally, being a reviewer the poem about Books is one of my favorites, and as she states: “Books are silent friends and should be treated well.” Words can hurt, can make you smile, comfort, and run. Be careful about what you say to someone. Friendships can be destroyed so the words I am sorry can change it all.
Barbara Ehrentreu’s poems focus on one of the greatest wonders and phenomenon’s The Weather! Getting up in the morning and not being able to see the sun, the world, the streets because there is a cloud that falls, covers the world in silence. Placing its cloud-like essence the fog hides the sky, the ground, and even the streets. But do not fret because eventually, she lifts, and the sunshine will brighten your day.
Storms often come with thunder, lightning and make you just want to hide under the covers all day. Leaves flutter off the trees and sometimes the boughs cannot handle the force of this terror. Just know as the author states: “Life moves on as the storm has gone.” Imagine seeing snow for the very first time. Imagine all Helen knew about was sunshine and getting sand in her toes. She even knows about rain and splashing through puddles. But the snow was a mystery. If you want to learn how she learns that Snow is life frozen kisses read the poem titled: What IS SNOW LIKE?
This poem allows you to decide between A rainy, snowy or sunny day. The weather can be fickle and start out with the radiant sun shining, and then suddenly the dark clouds show up, and then the rain pours or the snowfalls. But it must stop and the sun shines, but the snow is not giving up yet. Snow has a mind of its own and will pop up, create a storm, and then you pray for an early spring. The poem Ice Storm makes you wonder how the trees turn into diamonds overnight and whether these diamonds are valuable. All the branches are covered with these jewels and would not it be great if they were really perfect diamonds that sparkle in the sunshine. But be careful because the sidewalks are slippery like ice skating rings and you might want to admire them from the inside looking out of your window.
Each poem is so vividly described by the author that you can feel the cold, get chills picturing the ice, and hopefully not get blown about after you read the poem THE WIND.
I love Rainbows and I love it when they brighten the sky after a story. The colors are so vibrant, and it makes you smile and teel the joy when they come out. Finally, would not your life to be able to predict the weather or better yet control it? They say if the sky is red in the morning you should take warning. My sister loved the red sky and the pink clouds so when I see them I know she is watching over me. Do not stay inside, go out, enjoy the day, and if the weather changes: Run!
The final poem sums it up: WE NEED WEATHER! What would be doo without the sun, the rain, the snow, and even the wind? Rain helps plants grow and the snow is fun to play in. The sun of course warms your face, and the world would never be the same without the unpredictable wonders of the weather.
As an educator, I can see teachers of science and regular classrooms having children in middle grades do reports on each kind of weather, books, and the many other subjects shared by the authors. Children can copy down one poem and create their own images that come to mind after reading them and the teacher now has a special book of poems. Some children might even venture into writing their own poems based on one of the topics and younger children can write some together with a teacher on an experienced chart. A galaxy of poems that will take you to many places and one that warrants five golden stars.
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