Rain And The Blue Butterfly – A Poem Written by Namita Nayak

Rain And The Blue Butterfly

Written by Namita Nayak


To which valley
do you belong?
Kashmir valley or Nubra valley,
Hunza valley or
Kaghan valley???
Kangra valley or Varun valley?
…..where is your habitat?
Have you come from the
Amazon forest or
the Congo forest?
Have you come from the
Mexican forest or the
Colombian forest ?
Indian forest or the
Nepalese forest??

You are so travel prone,
so freedom loving!
You could venture to fly
even during this turbulent
depression rain.
I can’t see any fatigue on
your printed wings,
strangely enough, you
don’t feel any pain.
I can see only rain drops glistening on your fore wings,
hind wings and on
your proboscis.
You are a stunning butterfly,
you certainly belong
to a new specie.

Look butterfly look,
.. how rain is lashing down
how rain is inundating
the cities and the towns.
Look butterfly, look!
mud walls are collapsing,
rain water is gushing forth
into houses in
cities and in villages.
Look , look, how the rivers
are in spate,
and how the people fret..
and cursing this unwanted rain and condemning their fate.
Tell me dear butterfly, how can
I now luxuriate in rain,
write a poem on you and
be a rain poet.?
Can’t you see the sweat
on my forehead ,
on my brow?.
I can feel , an unidentified
faceless sorrow
dogging me,
a deep sore
in my throat.

Fly away butterfly,
can’t you see, people are
marooned ,
I’m not feeling well,
something is weighing
me down,
My pen is freezing ,
I can’t write any poem
for you for the time being,
come again in spring
or in summer.
Fly away to that remote valley
where there is
no bad weather,
no flood, no cyclone,
where you can only smell the aroma of wild flowers,,
dance in the gentle breeze
with the lakes and the
streams and
the rising ripples
and can suck dew from
the grass leaves.

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Written by Ewelina Maria BugajskaJavorka

Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Javorka was born in Poland, and now lives permanently in Denmark. She attended high school of economics and university of philosophy. She is the author of four poetry books. She has published her first book at the age of 17. Her poems can be found in many international anthologies. She is a laureate of many international awards and national literary competitions and recitation competitions in her homeland in Poland. She is a member of the NWNU - Union of Writers of the World. She is the International Goodwill Ambassador for Minorities at The Federal Association for the Advancement of Visible Minorities - FAAVM Canada and International Ambassador of The Brahmand Evolution Council, the Universal Mission for Peace, Justice and Humanity. Ambassador of Literature granted by Motivational Strips.
Editor Bharat Vision and Chief Administrator Motivational Strips - Scandinavian countries.
Correspondent and the head of the Poetry Department in Designer journal, Sweden.


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