Point Blank – a poem written by Srinivas Vasudev

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Point Blank
We are broken shards of wit and glum
Fused by narcissism and nihilism
Counting the milestones of fiasco
Ciphering on the anecdotes of ignominy
We exist in false frames
At the cost of harsh realities
Men haste to count their sperm
Without its virility
And women, their miscarriages
Let’s invest in smiles and shrines
Cuddle and huddle soulmates and loners
Capitalize in pure poetry
For, letters can’t betray you
After all, fate resigns to trouble you
At its defeated time
We survive against all odds, speaking in fluent silence
The term ‘entanglement’ needs to be redefined
In our new dictionaries…at least now
Cogito, ergo Sum

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