Poetry is Love – A Poem Written by Theresa Louw

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Poetry is Love

Written by Theresa Louw


Poetry is Love
Blood flowing from your pen
Tears soaking the pages
Your heart ripped from your chest
Demons breaking their cages
Anger pulsating through your veins
Death knocking on the door
Monsters under your bed
Your soul crying on the floor

Poetry is Love
Within our broken spirits
we fall in love with healing
Within our hateful thoughts
we love through forgiveness
Within our wounds
we spread love by bleeding words
Within our inhibitions
we fall in love with freedom
Within our insecurities
we learn to love ourselves
Within our fagility
We love our fortitude
Within our fears
love gives us courage
Within the noise of darkness
we fall in love with the quiet light
Within the eyes of death
we fall in love with life
Within our words
we find our purpose

Poetry is birthed by passionate encounters between our emotions and words
Poetry is Love


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