Painted Red

by Deepika Singh Assam

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Painted Red

And finally her forehead painted with red
Ah! She looks so beautiful.
Her painted red feet entered into a new abode
A dwelling which she was longing for
There was radiance in her face.
All she wanted a true soul and a son for her mother
Everyday she weaved loved and longed to receive love.
Very soon her illuminated face became foggy.
They always criticized and mocked her
Reason was her simplicity.
Her jewel was her knowledge.
She never cared for plastering her skin or drape with glitter.
Each day she waited for his admiration.
Each day she waited for him to take care of her creator.
Each day she had hopes,
And each day she died.
People say a wife’s duty is to foster her husband’s nest.
Equally a husband’s duty is also the same.
But do they understand this?
He treated her as a fallen woman,
They just needed a golden goose.
Still she strived to survive.
Alas! she was traumatized, hidden with a smile.
She roared in silence.
Finally she had discarded the recycle bin
Huh! Folks assembled to see her moist,
To bulletin her pain and shower with suggestions.
She is already ripened and knows her business.
All she needed an aid
From her tribe
But only received hollowness.
She stitched her lips
Deserted her eyes.
©️ Deepika Singh Assam India

Image ©Pinterest

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