One Nation one people in my mind – a poem by Suk Raj Darjee

One Nation one people in my mind

Glancing at the wondrous skies,
Deeply sunken with heavenly stars.
Countless, they are, yet beautiful they shine.
Akin the love to my beloved country,
Far from sight but everyone feels by heart.

Where I drink and quench my thirst,
Where I eat and fill up my hungry stomach,
Where I’ve grown and immeasurably cared,
Where I’ve played and enjoyed a charming life,
I’m forever bound to sacrifice for my nation.

I keep my promise to serve Tsa-wa-sum,
With peace of mind in all difficult times,
Respect to my country, Bhutan in my vein,
One nation one people inserted in my mind,
Let’s collide our thoughts for betterment to shine.

Shining hues of warmth my country holds,
I sincerely act upon his majesty’s told,
I will not let his faith and trust be sold,
In youth I fall, and I am moving to uphold,
Blessed to be born here, I’ll die being old.


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