Once Upon a time – a poem written by Namita Nayak

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Once Upon a time.
Once upon a time
lush green trees surrounded
my suburban home,
meadows stretched miles after miles like a
never ending bedsheet.,
dew drops glistened like tear drops on the blades of
wintry grasses.
Butterflies came flying from
vales unknown to flutter and sit upon their moist palms.
Once upon a time, a kashatandi jungle was luxuriantly growing in the vicinity of my suburban home.
When autumn came, the silvery
bunches cast a spell on me,
and the white petals resembling
the feathers of the cranes
were swaying in the gentle
autumnal breeze.
During the autumn, I gazed at them sitting on a chair on
the verandah,
a sight to be never forgotten,
an eternal source of of some
lines of my poetry , my poetic
In the month of March, they burned the Kashatandi jungle,
to construct apartments and
market complexes,
only can you see now a concrete jungle,.
No rain soaked earth, no dewy
grasses under my feet,
only stones and bricks everywhere, the lanes and
by lanes all cruelly concrete.
Once upon a time, sitting on a
chair in the balcony ,I was
watching the birds flying over my head in the dusky sky,
Often I wondered how they melted like like dots
in the twinkling of an eye.
You know, I’m not an ornithologist, bird watching is my only passion.
Unless I see them fly
in the murky evening sky ,
I absolutely die.
We humans are so insensitive,
we destroy the jungles,
destroy bio – diversity,
make the birds and animals
endangered species.
It’s really tough for us to survive
by making them
non – entities.
They have burned all the Kashatandi jungle,
have intimidated the birds away, now no shade for them
to hide from summer’s fury,
their sunburnt wings are desperately searching for
thickly foliaged trees.
This autumn , I know , silver white kashatandi flowers will no longer bloom in plenty
under autumn’s violet sun.,.
in front of my suburban home,
to lure me and to take
my breath away.
with their wild aroma and
with their snow colored
virgin beauty.
Namita Nayak.all rights reserved, 18.1.20.

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