On The Time We Studied – A Poem Written by Kairat Duissenov Parman, Edited by Muhammad Shanazar

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On The Time We Studied

Written by Kairat Duissenov Parman
Edited by Muhammad Shanazar


Today I don’t know why I recollect the time,
When we studied in the grade eighth.
Ah! It was a sweet time I remember it well,
We opted together in autumn, the spot so sweet,
The farm of cotton and we picked the balls together,
Her dress was white, matched the ripe cotton ready to be picked up,
Except the dots with small orange flowers.

She had a pair of a new black galoshes,
I walked in front of her as if I was an escort,
And all times, I really wanted her to catch up me sooner,
When she caught up and came close, she said,
“They say that you are writing a novel, is it true?”
I glanced at her sparkling eyes and responded,
“No, no! And if I write a novel, I shall allow only you to read!”

Then after, the conversation ended between us,
My vibrant heart began to pound fast and hard,
Then faster and harder.Then I said to myself,
“My flower! You don’t know, I don’t write a novel, but poetry,
But you forced me to describe your elegant appearances,
And this is my inexpressible secret, only for you,
It may be known by this ravine or the whole valley,
Hills and mountains, but if you wish so,
I will even write a novel if you are content so,
How I should decline if you wish,
I will write a novel but in poesy,
So that no one steal the secret except you,
My beaming ink, my golden pen and I will be looking
At your grace from the highest crest,
And make you a heroine of my dream,
I shall sing a song dreaming you are with me.”

I feel as if I am approaching you, I feel myself uneasy,
I feel you squeezing my hands, life seems a dream,
I feel you in front and look at you direct,
If feel as if I am drunk,I am drunk of your sweet elegance,
As if I sip the wine from your eyes,
When I look at you bright face I feel a joy never experienced before,
And how much pleasure will be if I kiss your lips and hug your body,
I cannot stay alive in case I lose you,
In your company, I am not in myself, I feel as if flying on the clouds,
But all these sentiments I can feel, can’t express in front of you,
I am not as brave as you are,
Even I can’t ask you what you plan to write,
Though I have planned to write a novel just now,
And wish you to be the only a reader.


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