Ode To my beautiful Soul – by khesise lungma

You were morning dews that glitters
Like rays of the sun when it makes perfect filters.
The chirping birds reaching their crescendo
My heart murmurs with the life’s blessed chapters
Unfolding new journey as  I overcome my fears of battles.

It took years to shape my feelings
To conquer  your inborn nature dealings
I wasn’t sure how far you went apart
It was the solitude of amusement I felt to start
Without whom I shall endure, you were my best part.

Oh  sweetheart, holder of the keys to my happiness
Didn’t you realized, how many times I paid my fees?
To get new keys that open up my door of blissfulness
Thy dwelled and trained my heart of peacefulness
Which lead me down to an earthen pot of thoughtfulness.

You were my beautiful soul of reliability
Where I should seek your auspicious sign of visibility.
Thunderstorms may bring down my sweats
Perspires from my blood drained in fights
The reasons I seek for a beautiful soul in tights.

Copyright @ khesise lungma

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Written by Lungma123

Khesise lungma is from Gelephu Bhutan. He has graduated from anna university from india ..He started his journey of writing since 2012, as he realised later in life , writing would give him enough satisfaction to penned down his feelings of life. He writes most of poetry regarding nature, religious beliefs, philosophies, scientific and day to day practical related things. He is interested in writing both writing romantic and sadistic poems where his emotions plays a greater understanding. Most of his poems are published in Bhutan first ever Anthology Poem, Fears of tears in international best seller Anthology Poem published by Brenda Mohammed, A winter - A call for home in Ideology magazine published by Editor Mr.BINAY Lahal from India , Still Two more poems in the process of Publication in International Anthology.
His is Working to publish his Novel titled "Mystery " This year.

He is Silver categorised member of Motivational strip, and Moderators of MS, World active writer forum. He also got rewards of appreciation from Indo Universe - Child care. Etc

He is constant and active writer despite his professional and personal life. He enjoys writing and shows other to lead.


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