Ode To Lyra – A Poem Written by Kalipada Ghosh

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Ode To Lyra

Written by Kalipada Ghosh


Oh Lyra, thou art divine and etherealized
in the northern hemisphere
so bright and luminous
fanciful and delightful.

Beauty and grandeur
love and light
brightness and lustre
your ornaments.

Myriads of stars glittering
as if a milky-river
flowing murmuringly
a sonorous sound
from the void in Cosmos.

A brightening constellation
so luxurious and incandescent
forever and eternal.

The Sun is thy father
and the moon is thy sister.

A flame of fire
an incandescent lamp
burning ceaselessly
diffusing brilliance

Wishing to touch thee
with love and passion
falling upon a pool of Fire
burn and die with a painless death.

The heavenly bodies begin to mourn…


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