Nature in Tunes – A Poem Written by Nwankwo Victor

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Nature in Tunes

Written by Nwankwo Victor


I love the music of natural world.
Wandering with plights and strives to survive.
I will not hide from the breeze of reasoning.
I will dare the dunes of desert and storms of sea.

I will adapt to every weather, whether harsh or mild.
With inspirations and intuition marvelous and magical.
I relishes nature’s nuances whether in cacophonies or rhapsodies.
While savouring and synchronizing sonorous songs of natural beat.

Songbirds in the fields do croon.
And parrots on the trees do sing.
With some tones well fine tuned.
With beautiful notes that soothes my soul.

I will climb to the top of the hills.
Even to it’s cliff to feel it free.
Soft sounds that heals my wound gently.

I have seen its lyrics boldly written on the sky.
With life’s lessons crested in style.
I will sing along as it plays in low key.
Being absorbed into my heart humbly.

I have my dancing shoes on me.
To dance and dust off life’s doldrums.
Let articulated timbre and texture paint the colour of earth’s music.
Let its dynamics produce peace and prosperity.


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