Mystic Secret – A Poem Written by Margaret Kowalewska

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Mystic Secret

Written by Margaret Kowalewska


In the breath of the mist
this new meaning
dwells within..
Souls, departing
wishing well
to the world,
biding the last farewell
to the trees
and their shades
to the crispness of the air
to the ferns wearing jade..
In the journey
to the Light
they flow
through the sacred path
where the hues
blending themes;
copper, gold and ruby rust..
Secret, mine
that I kept
which I vividly recall
On my chest, heavy stone,
when you told me,
there is no God..
Fallen leaves, fallen angels
in the midst of silent hope
wrapping naked soul of soil
with my prayers for your home..
May the mystic lights of autumn
carry you to His core..


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