MUA 01 – A Short Story Written by Santush Subanji

MUA 01

5.00 a. m. Winter Season.
A Young man signaling all vehicles to stop and requesting to have a drop from village bus stop to nearby city main bus station. He is in blue pant with white shirt and laced up black polished shoes. Clean shaved oval shape face with one side combed black natural hair with no branded back pack. His attire communicated that, he is going for business meeting or to attend an interview. Vehicles Not a single vehicle is been stopped. Went and sat on a wooden stool of a local footpath tea seller. Expecting that, vehicle riders would stop to have tea in that freezing winter morning. Tea seller was busy in preparing tea under a torch light on kerosene fueled noise less burner stove. Also busy in smoking with one hand.
A moped arrived.
6 ft tall, Rider who covered his face with black woolen monkey cap in the knitted sweater asked tea to the vendor in shaking voice. He opened his cap, which was covered his thick beard.
Young man asked stranger to drop him to city bus station.Stranger agreed. Graduate pulled his sweater from the back pack.
Stranger and Graduate are on the Moped. Slowly moving in dim headlight. Rider asked him “where you are going?”
Pillion Rider replied,
“He has selected to a job. Going to attend final round of interview”.
He was completed his graduation in business management and searching for a job. Being elder in family and having responsibility of his younger brother’s education putted him under informal stress. It was his 6 th interview. In five, he got rejected. In villages, people mock graduates if they fail to get a decent job after graduation.
Pillion Rider requested Rider of the Moped, to take a shortcut route to reach early to the city. Rider told that, vehicle condition is not good. Better to go slow with common road to reach. Pillion Rider tried to convince him about the importance of his final round interview and tried to convince him that, it is his last hope on that applied job. After completion of graduation he was under deep stress. Surrounding people expectations ruined his happiness. Everyone is asking about his employment. Difficult to convey them. It crushed his Mind, Heart and Desire.
Expectations are high. Reality is bitter.
Before graduation every one patted his back. Later, everyone is questioning his skills.
Why such hypocrisy exists?
Rider sensed his reason for hurry and replied that,
“Never ever take any shortcut. Now you have feeling stressed and pressured. Understanding difference in between Expectations and Reality, Theory and Practical. Everyone is having their own theory to lead a life. Why you are molding your one. You are struggling to know what to believe and what not to believe. But, you must believe in yourself, then on your own theory. At the same time,no need to prove others are wrong.
Suddenly moped stopped. A big goods vehicles, with high beam headlight made Moped Rider to take aside and to stop a while.
Again started riding.
Rider asked a question” after getting job what you will do ?”
I will start earning, feed my family will became happy person.
Rider sensed that Earning and Happiness are two faces of a coin. His happiness dependent upon opinion of others and earnings. What about your own dreams? In the process of fulfilling others expectations, forgetting your own passion of life. Forgotten to believe in themselves.
Moped with bright light moving and Rider shared his experience. He didn’t got an opportunity to have formal education. Never went to school, as school was too far from his farm house. Had ancestral property of non irrigated agriculture land. After death of his father and brothers marriage they parted away.
He left the farm house, started living in village independently. No fixed source of income. No guarantee of meals even one time. Agriculture income dependent upon rain. To lead life without any support, no any grade education pushed him boiling oil. His instinct told him to there is no hope to survive.
Leaves grown, matured, turned yellow and fell. Seasons passed. In this low time he observed. Stored information . One day, it guided him and shown Silver line. Remembered stories of granny.
8 years life went by this way. In this period, he learned how to lead life independently.
One fine morning,his intuition told him to start a Flower Business. In which, to collect flowers from cultivators and sell it to retail sellers who sit in front of the famous Hanuman temple of Niebhour village-which is 1 km away from his village.
Sellers started purchasing flowers from him. He began to sell it to only one person. Trade began with trust and expanded to other sellers. He purchased a moped to supply flowers in time and its registration number was MUA 01. He helped cultivators to grow variety of flowers. He even sensed how customers make purchase decision. He observed things from cultivator, supplier, purchaser and end users point of view. To understand this, he took five years. Slowly, his name started recognition in flower business.Created a positive Image. Started Leading a comfortable life with flower trading business. To expand this business, identified famous temples in surrounding area. Extended service by his own proven business model. He covered whole Taluka place. One after another in years he covered other potential Taluka places also.
Now, he is living with his family. Leading a comfortable life. Never tell, it is my last hope or attempt. Learn to observe things with crystal clear mind set in every day. Opportunities visit in the form of disguise. Small victories takes towards big victories. Whereas no attempts takes you towards.
Pillion Rider’s mind blown. He asked,
If so, then “why you are on this moped? What you are doing in this morning? “
He stopped his moped. Removed his woolen cap. Smiled and replied ,” I don’t want to forget those days of Hard work. I spend one day once in 3 months. By doing so, I will not forget from where I came.
It helped me to move forward in this life!
It’s your bus station stop.
Wished him all the best for interview.
Moped moved slowly with white smoke bearing registration number plate MUA 01.
On that day, graduate got the bus. Selected executive finance position and worked 35 years.
Whenever he felt demotivated, he remembered MUA 01.
Today was his last working day on that organization. He took, this incidence of his life which turned him from Executive Finance to become Head of Finance.
Shared with all in farewell speech in function conducted by company in the Auditorium. All employees with electrifying clap, stood up as regard to this life changing incidence.

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Written by Santush Subanji

Professional Banker. Love to write.


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