Morality searching humanity in human – a poem by Tulsi Shrestha

Morality searching humanity in human
Betrayal everywhere in crowd
No trace of loyalty anywhere.
Everyone is here to collect money
Honesty swept away by flood of
Corruption and malpractice.
No heart sing songs of charity.
Blood stream flows with malice
The world is Inflicted by venom of
Selfishness and hypocrisy.
The world is not place suitable for
Those who are honest and loyal.
Morality searching with a lamp
Humanity in crowd of human.
Features embodied in man ,now
Turned out to be, brutality and atrocity.
Definition of love and compassion
Really got changed
Nothing in the world is unconditional
No matter it is love or business.
Achievement accompanied by
Amount of money that you have ,
Will decide your social status.
A human without humanity
Breathes for money
And live just for money .
Composed by Tulsi Shrestha
@copyright reserved


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