LUSTROUS SUN – A Poem Written by Lilian Woo

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Smile, an everlasting smile
Beaming from a distant mile
Your glorious smiles bring much delight
Your golden rays are shining bright.
I wake up in a beautiful morning
I feel positive energy is greeting
How I love your brightness
It offers joy and happiness.
Sunflowers are facing you
Petals coat with morning dew
When the wind blows, it sways
Towards your dazzling sun rays.
Clouds swirling above high
In the vast clear azure sky
The cool breeze whispering gently
Birds tweeting and singing sweetly.
Oh, lustrous sun, we need your presence
The flowers need you to emit the essence
Your splendid warmth and perpetual glaring
Are balmy, overwhelming, and heartening.
©Lilian Woo
Image: Credit to the Owner
All Copyrights Reserved

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