LOVELY MAHANADI – a poem written by Vavroovahana Patra


Poet Vavroovahana Patra
Enticing Beauty Mahanadi enchants mind enthusiastically;
I roam as clouds aimlessly on the high embankment gleefully.
Accompanied by beloved Lia I pass time to my heart’s contentment;
Behold the profound heavenly beauty of Nature to mind’s merriment.
Perennial peace lies in the cosy Lap of Nature;
Nature preaches, always, with profound pleasure.
Clouds roam in the Sky divinely;
We behold the heavenly beauty merrily.
Roses of rain drops of Divine Bliss shower divinely;
Nature enchants mind enthusiastically perennially.
Peace reigns on Earth eternally;
Humans behold the beauty of Peace gleefully.
I feel Divine hand is everywhere on Earth;
Feel His Omnipresence in all animates, inanimates with profound mirth.
His Nature is melodious splendiferous eternally;
His Bliss showers on poets, devotees, writers divinely.


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