LOVE FLOWS – A Poem Written by Lilian Woo

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May be an image of sky and text
My love, you no longer have to wait
Entwined hearts, love-flight we will take
You have touched the depth of my soul
Soaring together, dreams we will behold
You have an intimate place in my heart
Love glows and a flame ignites the spark
I am giving you my affirmation
Our love will bloom with essence of love-potion
You dwell in my heart, linger in my mind
I love your hand cupped on mine
I love your whisper in my ear
Sweet, loving words I wish to hear
Let’s dance and drink sweet wines
I want to see the sparks in your eyes
Precious moment with love bliss
Seal in a passionate kiss
We will nurture and nourish our love
The fragrance of passion will flow
Let our hearts knit into one
Picture of love-dove gleams in the sun.
© Lilian Woo
All Copyrights Reserved
Image: Credit to the Owner

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