LOVE – A Poem Written by Brenda Mohammed

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Love isn’t possession or a transaction with another.
Love isn’t lusting after an “image” or wanting someone to smother.
When you fall in love you want to share both love and pain.
Love springs freely from the heart and is not looking for gain.
Love is a precious gift from the sincerest of hearts.
Love is being with someone for what they are, both playing their parts.
Being with that cool person that accepts your weirdness
And both totally being yourselves in all fairness.
Love is not a relationship; it’s more a natural state of your being.
Giving freedom and space to each other and not being demeaning.
Love is unconditional and forgiving because you are LOVE.
When loving feelings flow they bring blessings from above.
This poem is from my poetry book SOOTHING POETRY IN SPANISH AND ENGLISH.

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