LOOKING FORWARD – a poem written by Pristinepragz Belle

While looking forward to more conversations
I realised something had changed in me
What was it, I wondered
And then my mind suddenly wandered
And looked for an answer.
I later realised, he was my perfect anchor
Whose presence was edifying
Who knew what’s missing
And knew the art of loving
Did I change my mind
or he was some kind of magic I would ever find
Did I stop bothering about the cons
or his influence was really strong
Did he compel me or he slowly took over
or may be his simplicity drew me closer
Did I deserve all the admiration and attention or despite the flaws in me, he found some perfection
His patience and devotion
Had bowled me over with strong emotion
His gentle ways and that innocent craze
Even in the teens men are not so keen
The ways of nature are strange they say
People like him indeed are meant to stay
Perhaps nothing has changed in me
It’s his presence that lingers and sets me free
Life is sometimes beyond one’s control
Perhaps there is a teen in every soul


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