Living with mistakes – A Poem Written by Shakil Kalam

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Yesterday was my firefly’s night
The fifteenth moon was spreading, shining like milky-ray.
In the land of fairy tales, the story of fairy tales has been cultivated
The whole world was full of the fragrant scent of Night-queen and Bakul.
I floated in the air in my swing of dreams of chaotically Chandramukhi dances –
From Tiger hill to sevenpic – away far distance,
Red and blue fairies were calling me in their pearl-white fairyland
I have avoided themselves and twisted my legs cause you will come.
I have spent Thirty-three and a half dreamy night of spring
Waiting for you, the brightening full moon night too.
You told me, you will come to the flowering day of next spring to keep the witness of blue-sky and catkin.
The day of dizziness has passed by counting the days of my spring.
That spring has passed, and no spring has come yet
I am now very tired and numb as I count the hours
I spend sleepless nights; both eyes are waking up and the waiting is counting down.
One golden morning the news came that Sarothi has left;
In his desired country; in the dreamy-land; they have left together.
The blue sky is calling me with two hands, come on.
Shakil Kalam
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