Life’s Meaning

by Corina Junghiatu

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Life’s Meaning

Human, a living cell germinated by a miracle and an instinct that pushes him to life. Childhood, adolescence, youth, some exams, some diplomas, some colleges, universities and human has made his way in life. The step is more pressing on its own path and the adversaries from the fairy-tales become real. The ruler, the mason’s square and the compass will be used by man to create his own world, thoroughly building loneliness from whistling and harsh words, then the human will thicken his eardrums to hear the noise, the gaze will become opaque, the smell will become numb, the taste will become bitter and he will forget the meaning of life.

What is the meaning of life? What are the meanings of existence? Why are we here? What does it all mean?
Numerous speculations of a philosophical, scientific and theological nature have been made throughout history. There were a large number of answers to these questions, from different cultural and ideological backgrounds. Albert Camus observed that we humans are creatures who spend our lives trying to prove that our existence it’s not absurd. Philosophical and religious conceptions were mixed in a deep dilemma, failing to discern the meaning of life, existence, consciousness, happiness, symbolic significance, ontology, value, purpose, ethics, good, evil, free will, conceptions about God and His existence, about the soul and life after death. Science also contributes by describing the meaning of life in an empirical way, establishes a context and some parameters regarding the universe. Scientifically life is organized as follows: Homeostasis, Metabolism, Growth, Adaptation, Stimulus Response and Reproduction.

So what is the meaning of our life? The answer is up to each of us. In my vision, the meaning of life is LOVE and NOW.
Love – not the desecrated, profane, almost vulgarized one, but the sacred love, the divine spark, the fruitful seed in the field of the soul.
NOW – The moment belongs to human, all the rest of the moments belongs to God.

There is no life pattern and each of us has a different perspective on life and its meaning. Our job is to find ours and not someone else’s. There is no meaning to collective sense of life! It really doesn’t exist! Life, its meaning, is a divine element, it comes from a divine dimension, about which we know almost nothing. And the method of searching for the meaning of our own life is strictly personal.
What is the meaning of life? I prefer to live under the fever of the question than in the current confusion that the meaning of life is to be realized professionally, socially, awards and certificates, living (out of inertia) in luxury houses, to do your duty to the community. These are objective, salutary indeed, but not the meaning of life.

Maybe we should not look for the meaning of life, but for the happiness of the experience of living. For each level of this experience, let’s rebuild ourselves in a new version, permanently connected to our own life, pursuing happiness.

Lots of love and blessings to all of you,
©Corina Junghiatu

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